i can’t help but notice that i’ve mentioned the lord of the rings at least one in my last four posts. you might ask yourself, is lord of the rings all that this kid watches? and the answer would be…yes. this movie, well either of them, are on at my apartment at least once every other day. pat has seen the end of the fellowship of the ring about 30 times, and has only seen the beginning once…when he saw it in the theatre. fran has even come up with a new idea for a commercial announcing dvd releases of the trilogy. i’ll post that when i get her to send me a copy of the script.

tomorrow i go home! yay! i’m excited. tonight we’re playing board games and watching enterprise at kate’s. life is good. plus, i got to make labels with the electronic label-maker at work today! BONUS! also, i’m completely caught up in one of my classes. sure, i’m like 400 pages behind in the other one, but come on, this is progress. as for my printmaking class…ideas for a diptych? one plate is a poem or quote, the other is a 4-color print based on a photograph that somehow goes along with the verse. ideas? anyone? anyone? i don’t know anything about literature, so this would be a good time for someone to impress me.