so board games at kate’s was super fun. i kicked ass at scattergories and then eric kicked ass at trivial pursuit. going home was overwhelmingly wonderful and i didn’t want to come back. for my mini-welcome home dinner my mom made barbecued ribs. then the next night was my grandma’s birthday/grandparents’ anniversary dinner. i had the best filet mignon i’ve ever tasted in my life. it was heaven. plus my parents have way better snacks than i do. that’s probably because they have a lot of…what’s that word? oh right. money. and i don’t.

today began as a disappointment when i went to borders under the mistaken impression that on the day a dvd is released, it would be there. so i didn’t get my copy of x-men 1.5. i guess i’ll just have to watch meghan’s that she got at TARGET!! get with the program, borders. sheesh.

oscar nominations are up, and i have to say that it’s amazing how consistently the academy gives the shaft to younger actors. i’m not saying any of these guys are fantastic, but dennis quaid wasn’t nominated for ‘far from heaven,’ brendan fraser didn’t get nominated for ‘the quiet american,’ and leonardo dicaprio didn’t get a nomination for either of his films – ‘gangs of new york’ and ‘catch me if you can,’ in which i thought he was pretty good. also, no oscar nod for sam rockwell for ‘confessions of a dangerous mind!’

going to see ‘how to lose a guy in 10 days’ again tonight. ok, i know what you’re thinking, but the movie is REALLY funny. REALLY. you must go see it. the things kate hudson’s character does are absolutely outrageous and kathryn hahn of ‘crossing jordan’ fame is funny too. ok, ok…also matthew mcconaughey is pretty easy on the eyes. afterwards it’s off to the eac with most of us. ah, cybex how i’ve missed you so.