so today fran and i went to old orchard (because although i have two final papers due on friday, it was clear that i might as well make it a shut-out weekend for productivity) to look for a dress for her sister’s pre-wedding funness. we didn’t find a dress for that occasion, but we DID find a dress at bloomingdale’s that would make even sarah jessica parker cringe (yeah, i’m up on my red carpet gossip). this dress was strapless, with a fully tulle-ified below the knee skirt, bubblegum/cotton candy pink. and get this: with row upon row of square-cut tulle layers. think fringe, but made of tulle and two inches wide. and all over the dress like shingles or as fran said, “piñata-style.” so, being the wuss i am, fran talked me into trying it on. the worst part: i didn’t hate it as much as i thought i would. sure i felt like a really tasteless cake or…a piñata…but still….god. i hate myself for not totally hating that dress. (here it is but think pink not black. really pink. i mean really. and way less cool on a real person.) from now on, i take a camera shopping, because who knows what you might end up prancing around a dressing room in, asking people to take a blindfolded swing at you.