last night meghan, eric, mike, and i went downtown to the green mill to see kurt elling play. ok, we didn’t really see much of him, but we could hear plenty. it was super! meghan and i got there later on and had to wait in line outside for a little while, which was sort of annoying, mostly because we could see eric and mike through the window and i had never noticed a line there before. but i guess that’s because usually i get there around 8 instead of 9:30. anyway, the show was great. afterwards eric, meghan and i went to steak ‘n shake and i indulged in my ritual plate of cheese fries. mmm.

today i have to take a couple of dvds back to blockbuster, redigitize all my media on avid 4 since it all got dumped yesterday as part of spring break cleaning at louis. in preparation i have already thrown two books in my bag and i’ll probably pick up lunch on the way there too. then i have to figure out what’s going on with this weekend. my cousin’s baby shower is on saturday, and i’m supposed to be catching a ride to the qca with her and her mom. but i haven’t heard anything from them so i’m a little uncertain as to what the deal is. i’m going to call my cousin later on today i think. then tonight meghan and i need to watch ‘liberty heights’ after we hit eac.

ugh. step one. put the computer away and go brush my teeth.