the academy awards went more than well. my faith in the academy has been restored with the announcement of adrian brody as this year’s best actor. i was so happy i actually jumped up and down and yelled. plus, i got my jello back. i finished it off today and it was delicious. meghan and i got pine yard for the oscars and that was great too.

actually, the past couple days have been awesome. sunday the weather was great and i sat outside for a few hours reading magazines. yesterday meghan and i went to navy pier. we went on the ferris wheel, ate chicago style hot dogs, saw the lion king at the imax, and went on the architecture boat tour. the boat tour was probably the best $18 i’ve ever spent. it was AMAZING! the weather was beautiful and the tour guide was very knowledgable…i learned stuff AND had a good time! the only low point was when a seagull pooped on meghan’s sleeve. but that was easily remedied. oh, and the guy who does the juggling/balloon show for the kids – he was sort of giving us the eye in a semi-creepy way. but other than that. awesome!

today i finished watching the first season of ‘six feet under.’ it was so good. what a great show. i can’t wait to see the second season. i also rented ‘liberty heights’ which josh recommended due to adrian brody’s performance. plus the back of the box sounded interesting.