this weekend was great! i played the piano whenever i wasn’t sleeping or eating or at a family function which was…well, not as often as i would’ve liked. but i practiced some chopin and managed to keep my mom up all night on friday. the baby shower was super too – we went to this cute little antique place and had tea. two kinds of tea (yummy) and lots of good food including the best scones i’ve ever had. my mom made some great enchiladas too and i got the leftovers (of course). i also bought fresh produce for the first time in months.

tonight the plan was to go to 1800 club, but then i looked at my class schedule (first day of my last quarter tomorrow!) and realized i have to be up at annenberg at 10am. ick. very ick. plus i still haven’t heard where my internship seminar is being held tomorrow night. yeargh. back to reality.