whew! first day of class and i’m exhausted and it’s only…well, i guess it’s midnight, but whatever. i was up at annenberg for ipc 20 minutes early this morning, then got let out early so i went to norris and bought my books then went to the printmaking lab to pick up my tablets and portfolio from last quarter (got an a! made the dean’s list!). then i went to the house and read half a chapter for ipc. went to parkes for anal/perf (analysis & perfomance of literature for you non-nu people) then ran home for lunch. then went to work where i had multiple meetings about look & feel and the commercial shoot. went from there to the house for chapter dinner and chapter, left early to haul ass up to francis fucking searle for my internship seminar. then came home and glutted myself on veggies and triscuit. a lot of veggies and triscuit. a lot.

sleepy. i guess i’m not going to get more reading done.