mike and eric, those lucky bastartds, are on their way to l.a. for e3 to try out video games and have fun and merriment in the land of sun and parties and earthquakes and landslides and flash floods and plastic and….oh wait. maybe that isn’t something to be so jealous about. no…yeah, i’m still at work and in class while they’re driving down the coast in their convertible so…yes, they are definately having a better time than i will be since i have papers to write and interviews to conduct and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

‘the matrix: reloaded’ opens this week!! YAY! jim bought 35, yes THIRTY-FIVE tickets for friday’s showing. all of compositing + the office are going. ‘yes, sir – how many tickets do you want?’ ‘mmm…you know, how about you just give me a whole theater?’

last night we went to lou malnotti’s for pizza and it was SOOOOO good. mmmmmmm. i almost can’t believe that that building, where yesterday’s used to be, is the same festering hell-hole that i spent two weeks in two summers ago. the ceiling was caved in, the smell was horrible, it was damp and 100 degrees, insects and god knows what else scampering around, high voltage film equipment stung in the basement which was rapidly flooding up towards the breaker box when it started to rain and since none of chicago drains AT ALL the streets were flooded and we were trapped there with a mass electrocution ready to happen at any moment while the director went insane and started swimming in the streets.