man, i’ve got to start updating this more often.

this week i did a lot of nothing. well, not really, but i was sleepy most of the time so i ended up taking a lot of naps.

friday i got to compositing at 5 till 10 only to check my email and find that class was postponed until 11:30. so i sat there for an hour and a half looking at websites. here are some of the fruits of my labor.

  • you know how some people are just automatically funny? they can tell any story and somehow it’s hilarious? that is this guy. check out ultramicroscopic.
  • ever stuck in a meeting and all you can think is what language are these strange people speaking? next time, be prepared with bullshit bingo, a proud service provided by Cayman Business Systems.
  • last, but certainly not least is every…..well, deep-down probably everybody’s fantasy. the tagline says it all. get paid to look at porn. sign up today and study to become an adult site webmaster.