all of the posts from my previous site have been moved over. the only thing that isn’t up are the pop-up windows about the calvin & hobbes quotes and etc. these might….never….be put up. who knows.

today my parents and i spent the day packing, with more packing planned for tomorrow. thankfully i get to miss my parents arguing about the best way to pack glasses while i’m at the (ugh) doctor. why must these things always happen at once? plus, turns out that the moving plans just keep getting more and more convoluted. i did however get someone to take over my eac membership, so that’s good. i also finally activated this credit card so i can now cancel it. that’s ethical, right? i mean i KNOW there’s nothing wrong with it, but i still feel like it’s a little underhanded.

anyway, people move out tomorrow, they paint the apartment tomorrow night and we move in on tuesday. i hope it goes well. i hope my dad doesn’t strain something since he refuses to lift with his legs.