office is going to summer hours – starting at 9am instead of 10am. it’s killing me. i was just getting into the work-every-day pattern, and now a proverbial monkey wrench has been thrown. plus i have to get used to getting up even earlier due to moving downtown – i can’t just take a 10 minute walk down the street to work anymore. plus i’m in college-town withdrawal. what will i do without 80 restaurants all within walking distance?! einstein’s, 24hour burger king, panera, noodles, thai sookdee, al’s….

also the earlier work day results in extreme hunger at odd hours. like 10 am. i’m going to try to hold out until noon, but this plan seems doomed to failure due to the fact that i’m already lightheaded and am having problems concentrating…and staying awake. i have learned from eric that od-ing on coffee is not the way to go here as it will just shorten my attention span. and why is it so COLD in here?!

but otherwise things are fine. carry on.