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new banner images for a cleaner, more relaxed look. more whitespace = more serenity. ahhh, winter is upon us

note: i don’t know what’s up, but movable type keeps ignoring/stripping out the ‘target’ statements in anchor tags. even if i edit the comment and stick it in there, it’s ignored. if anyone knows whats up, let me know.


see you tomorrow evening!

this is eric’s hipster type.

the accuracy is chilling, isn’t it?

the family guy may be back in 2005

The Brick Testament – look for the book too!

…some candy. thanks for buying this round!

christmas/kwanzaa/chanukah/holidays in general/whatever should NOT be allowed to start before thanksgiving. let’s give the turkey a chance! what about taking time for a nice national holiday, a nice nondenominational all-american let’s all come together holiday, to think about what we are grateful for and to be with our families and friends without the cultural imperative to CONSUME!!! CONSUME!!! CONSUUUUUUUME!!!!!!

sure, thanksgiving was originally a feast that led to screwing the native americans out of all of their land and war and disease and almost totally wiping out entire civilizations, but it doesn’t have to be about that. it can be about how we have progressed (or are trying to progress) from that time hundreds of years ago.

so come on. let’s give thanksgiving its due.

ladies and gentlemen, britney takes it all off!!

[ps – keep on dragging until the ‘next’ button appears…be sure to drag the last one (britney in bed) up to see the springs bounce!]

xScope is SO COOL. i can’t wait to try it out on a project!

courtesy of one of my favorite photoblogs, check out this place! let’s go there!

plus, in anticipation of my trip to japan in the spring….broadband on jal. thanks to Geek News Central for the link.