this weekend my aunt is in town for her birthday which is tomorrow. so tonight i went out to my cousin’s house in oak park and we had a birthday dinner and opened presents and stuff. ah, relaxing to get away from all the work-related drama, although of course the first question everyone asked is ‘how’s work?’ anyway, kjirsten is getting so big! she’s teething and makes the cutest high-pitched squeal ever. chris is applying to schools to get his teaching certificate and lisa is tutoring kids when she’s not taking care of kjirsten. brad is freelancing – started up his own company! – so now he works from home with his new G5 and can keep an eye on the baby too. aunt linnea is keeping busy it seems and had some great pics of my parents from their visit a couple of weekends ago. dad is actually smiling!! ….wha?

eric is in san francisco chilling with bocci and grover, and i guess tumlin and janet came up to visit too, so it’s a regular class of 2001 reunion out there. bocci had a date with robot girl (it’s a long story) i hear, so i hope it went okay. kate is going out to sf this coming weekend. i’m so jealous! i’ve never been to california, although hopefully i can scrape together the funds to see meghan in la for her birthday as planned.

how can the weekend be over already? ugh. tomorrow after work: either spinning, power step, or cardio box. mmm….i have some wicked bruises on my ass from the spinning bike as it is. maybe cardio box instead.