today, children, i have a scary story to tell you. would you like to hear it? okay, it goes like this:

sometimes you think that things are ok. not ideal, but ok. then one of your bosses decides to leave the company. ok, fine – he has a new family, he has to reassess his priorities. you think, well that is awful, but maybe this is an opportunity to make lemons into lemonade. like maybe things can be worked out.

then two of your close friends get laid off. the only two with actual degrees in their fields. and for awhile you think that even that could be dealt with and hey, they could do a lot better elsewhere anyway, so maybe it’s for the best.

then you get a ‘pep talk’ from your boss where he basically threatens everyone and lets everyone know that there is nothing special about them, they are expendable and he has stacks of resumes from people that would love to take the jobs.

sounds scary doesn’t it? wouldn’t it be wonderful if it were just a story? something self-contained and easily forgotten after the telling is complete?

unfortunately, this is real.