so i just got home from my annual christmas get together with my lady friends from high school. maria, nicole, katie, and tiffany (and brian) are all doing ok – everyone basically has no idea what they are doing right now, etc, but no one is sick or in a terribly desperate situation, so that’s good. mostly we all just realize that somehow we can all pick up again even though we haven’t seen each other for a year…and how many people can you say that about?

also we compared gossip notes about other hs people, and mostly it was just more about marriages, babies & new houses. actually we spent tonight at tiffany & brian’s new house, which is pretty cool and decorated really nicely and all i could think was that i could never get anything that good in chicago, especially on my ‘salary’ and without it being in a neighborhood where i would almost certainly be raped just looking out the window. maria suggested moving to st. louis once she and clayton buy a house and i have to say – i’m considering it. just starting over somewhere else sounds good. although i had been picturing this ‘somewhere else’ as being not-the-midwest.

also tonight my mom and i set up her new imac, and man am i jealous. it’s so much cooler and faster than my tibook…sigh.

got an email from holly. why can’t magically all of my friends just live like…in the same huge house or something??

also: i guess you really can’t go home again – some people here i guess don’t know what nordstrom is…