yesterday we went to my cousin’s wife’s parents’ house for soup and snacks. logan and caleb are so cute! they were wearing matching (but diff. colored) sweaters that also matched matt’s (their dad). we had to leave before the brandy alexander, but the chili was sure good and so were the snacks and cookies.

upon return home, i immediately ate more cheese ball, some pickles & dried fruit, not because i was hungry but because…well…it was there. and free. and yummy. and i was feeling a little depressed (as i always do this time of year) so i decided to stuff my face. are you happy?

i watched the south park mini-marathon and talked to eric on the phone, although i have to admit toward the end i was really getting drowsy, sitting by the fire and all, and don’t remember most of the conversation. sorry. i hope i didn’t miss anything important.

today i checked whether santa came (he did), we opened nuclear family presents, and now mom and i are going to decorate our veggie pizza wreath appetizer and i will desperately try not to eat any of it. then we go to my dad’s sister’s and hang out with that side of the family before we go to my mom’s brother’s to spend the rest of the day with that side of the family (which will be all the same people we saw last night).

here’s what i got:

  • second season of csi on dvd
  • inflatable travel pillow, perfect for the train
  • stainless steel thermos w/carrying case
  • clothes, including a nice fleece jacket & tagless t-shirts
  • annual ornament: cute s’mores snowman holding little bells
  • that foaming soap from b&bworks in raspberry
  • watercolor set in neat fold-out box
  • candy, cocoa & mini planner
  • second ornament: wooden snowman containing $$$

addendum (2003.12.27): also i got:

addendum (2004.01.05): and:

  • the best blanket ever. it’s pleece!