not much has been happening lately – kate is out of town for awhile and the office has been in a flurry as temps work on fulfillment for our big project. my mom is coming in town at the end of the month (she skipping out on parent/teacher conferences at the grade school) and we’re going to go get those pots and pans that are to be the christmas gift my parents gave themselves this past year. it’s sweet (really! way to go dad!) and cute and this is something that they really need. i think they’ve had the same pots and pans since they were first married.

turns out my aunt will be in town at the same time so maybe we can all get together (don’t know if chris is going to be in town or not).

fran will be in town the first week of april – i haven’t seen her in forever! maybe there will be a commemorative lotr viewing!

i’m actually going to be home for easter this year too, which will be sort of a relief after the fun but odd easter last year. i get to go in to the ortho for my almost-monthy tune up – after all of this mess trying to get those molars back into place, they’re really fucking up the rest of my teeth and my bite. they better be planning on putting everything back the way it was. 🙁

anyway, so my back! i don’t know what’s up with it lately. my posture? i don’t know – my posture doesn’t seem to be any better or worse than usual lately. but i get these horrible pains and almost spasms in my lower-to-mid back and they are awful. i can’t bend over or anything. so if anyone sees me slouching yell at me or something.

tonight i go to the gym after a long time away – i was sick for awhile and i still don’t know if i should really go with my back as it is and all….i’ll see how i feel at the end of the day. oh! also i’ve been blowing through sex & the city, and it is so funny. i’m into the 2nd season and i’m completely hooked. speaking of tv, it looks like most of the shows i follow are ganging up on me. six feet under, alias and crossing jordan are all on one after another on sunday nights. ack! it’s weird watching six feet under though – i’ve only seen the 1st season and although i know the major plot points from the 2nd season, it’s still bizarre to jump in like this. but i absolutely adore that whole universe, so i’ll deal.

oh, i caught curb your enthusiasm last night and it was hilarious as usual. it was the one where larry and his wife are going to renew their vows for their 10th anniversary and larry has a little thing with the dry cleaner. also i tried to do laundry last night, i had everything all separated and ready to go when i realized i only had three quarters. crap.

today: more editing, although i’m not sure what i’m supposed to edit since the 30 second spots will be mostly titles and logos…and i don’t have any of that stuff yet. also i need to find some quarters.