this weekend i helped eric paint his new room. it was awesome except that the last 5 people that painted didn’t bother to tape off the moulding, so when i pulled my carefully placed tape off (after i had scored it and everything), the new paint still looked messy since apparently no one else gave a shit. argh.

monday was andrew’s birthday and he had a bbq in the afternoon. it was soooo yummy and people brought food and bourbon slush too (sgmt and stef are, perhaps, gods).

yesterday i helped eric move (almost) the last of his stuff up to lincoln square then we ate what will probably be our last cross-rhodes meal in a long time and promptly passed out.

today is also the one-year mark for eric and i. tonight: cooking and ‘the punisher’, which i’ve heard is pretty good despite it’s craptastic trailer. we are so romantic, eh? 🙂