after much phone wankery, the comcast rep finally offered me basic analog cable plus cable internet for 12 months at $34.99 a month.

that’s right. you heard me.

this, after the original quote was something like $90 a month after some dinky little 3 and 4 month specials ran out. what was it that made him finally offer it to me? was it that i asked about special packages and introductory deals at least 5 times? was it that i asked him to tell me the price per month after the ‘money saving promotions’ were over? was it that i told him a friend of mine got digital cable + cable internet for $60 a month? was it that i made him repeat my package at least 3 times? 3 times more every time he asked for my phone number or name again? or was it that i finally told him to forget about the cable and just give me the internet by itself?

we shall never know. but one thing is certain: i’m only giving up 35 bucks to comcast a month for the next year, and that feels like a victory.

*nerd alert* Qapla’!