if no one reads this besides a handful of my friends and coworkers, that’s cool. but hey, i like comments! leave me comments! you don’t have ANYTHING to say about abraham lincoln or maybe vin diesel? i know you do. do you think the new design sucks? do you like it? kyle commented, what about everything else? i welcome input. oh, and i know it’s a bit off in opera, but opera users, you’re just going to have to cool it for awhile until i can dig up an opera hack that works and doesn’t also throw mozilla out of whack.

also, working on my portfolio website. again. finally. look, i just redesigned all of this site – what do you want from me? photoblog, you say? ok, dammit, i mean…i’m working on that too, but it’s hard when i can only do this at work cause i have no internet at home (and no pc there either to check css). it’s an ongoing process.