saturday was fran’s birthday, so i went over for some awesome food and bennison’s cake. holly came into town! so did robyn! it was cool to see everyone. holly has been working out and looks awesome. also her hair is so long, she looks totally different (in a great way). angie brought her husband, who was sadly the only male in attendance (eric was at a concert with jon & co). we did a little dance dance revolution, which fran is so good at, it’s scary. she was even kicking ass on the mode where one player dances with TWO pads. she was all dancing around and doing turns and doing it backwards and everything! we watched the ‘all for one’ video a few times (of course) and talked a lot. i got fran a set of lotr maps…a special edition with a full gazetteer and prints of hand painted maps and everything. i found the map set at borders earlier in the day – it like hit me out of nowhere and i realized it was the perfect gift. i wrote the tag in elvish too. i ended up spending $100-something at borders, buying enough books to last for a month or two.

last night i got an email from meghan, and she indeed got that big job! she’s currently in santa fe shooting episode #2; they are hitting branson next (oh boy) and maybe hawaii soon! she gets to travel with josh and will be soon moved up to camera operator! THIS IS AWESOME.