check out this pineapple pillow from linens ‘n things. are you kidding me? kudos to the photographer for taking the picture with that big seam up front and center. and i quote:

This LNT Home Pineapple Pillow makes a great conversation piece for use with any décor.

ANY décor? really??

kara: who would want this

andrew: wtf, indeed i do not know

andrew: you are what you…sleep on?

kara: ha prickly and…uh

andrew: pinepillow?

andrew: pilapple?

kara: sounds sort of like falafel

andrew: plapple?


andrew: not sure where the L comes from, but i think we have a winner

andrew: “honey, can you pass me my plapple?” response:

andrew: “get your own” or rather “get your own plapple”

kara: plapple should be the new word for the confused noise one makes when confronted with a questionable design choice

andrew: i like your idea

andrew: slight head-cocking should accompany

andrew: plapple?

kara: she has plastic flamingoes in her yard! oh man, talk about a plapple!

kara: straight woman: what do you think of this zebra print hat with a REAL zebra head on the top? isn’t it SO lion king mid 90s?

kara: gay male friend: oh HONEY no…plapple city! [insert stereotypical loose-wristed hand flip here]

andrew: wow lol plapple city

andrew: like circuit city but with more plapple


andrew: “” is available.