after months of should haves, could haves and maybes, eric and i finally hit up 6 flags on saturday! it was a great day to go, not very hot at all, and the park wasn’t too crowded. we got fast lane passes and they were TOTALLY worth it. we rode all of the major coasters – and the raging bull twice. while we were up there we ate breakfast at cracker barrel too.

afterwards eric went to see the bobby conn show (recording a live album) and i sort of collapsed on my couch and watched the extended edition of ‘robin hood: prince of thieves.’

sunday i made the last of my big purchases for the apartment (at least for a little while). i got a nice stand for my new tv and other electronics, some wall mounts for my speakers, an xbox, ddr ultramix, gta: vice city, and the component video adapter for the xbox since my new tv has component ins. yeah that’s right. i got an xbox. i just threw that in the middle there like it was nothin’ yeah that’s right! 🙂 anyway, the component video looks great. the tv looks awesome on that new stand. all wires and cables are finally sort of organized in a way that doesn’t make my head hurt when i look at it. i just have to mount my speakers and my a/v setup is complete! eric and i spent all last night eating pizza and playing vice city. i am not very good at it (because i am ultimately pretty crappy at video games) but i had a great time running people over and setting my car on fire. if you deliberately try to set your car on fire, say by ramming it full-tilt into a cement wall, it actually takes a good deal of effort.

bonus: vice city items & jumps map
bonus bonus: k-chat radio transcript
– oooh, no linking! bastards.