ben (of the aforementioned quotation) admittedly did not attend stefapalooza, but really how exactly are you supposed to compare with a cookout/camping/bonfire extravaganza? we had our own kind of nerd fun, including video games and dance dance revolution. 3 pads at once and players always rotating in. it was…hilarious. eric (who clearly has humanity’s most efficient biological cooling system, produces more sweat just sitting at his desk all day than most people do during a morning run) was completely soaked after some marathon sessions and his technique was nothing short of…well, have you seen…no, this is impossible to describe really. fran and ben and kate (who have the most practice) all were super and ben managed to kick basically everyone’s ass. points for technique go to mike and jon who used their powers of strategery to join forces and play 2 Boys, 1 Pad. did i get pictures of this? oh you bet your ass i did.

the call for art was also heeded – perhaps i will post some pictures. fran gave me the CSI GAME. the GAME! it looks pretty complicated though so i’m going to have to find some really patient people to play it with. kate and mike got me the dvd pop culture edition of trivial pursuit (mike: this could be the one – we could finally beat him!) and yesterday i got myself the vintage edition of clue, both my favorite board game and movie (or at least one of them.

i also got a ton of wine. like, seriously i received at least 5 bottles of wine, plus some rock bottom brewery beer. score! i think the measure of a party is how much liquor is left over at the end of the night, and the two bottles of vodka were bone-dry. 2 or 3 bottles of wine (3 buck chuck!) were also obliterated. the gallon or whatever of tanqueray was not drained, but i didn’t really expect that to happen. i also seem to have an inordinate amount of beer left over, but this is okay because i think it means that most people were hitting the good stuff. ben certainly had his share (4 glasses of water and i’m still not sober?!) as did mike and eric who went to bed early.

post-party bonuses (bonai?):

  • load of leftover beer/gin/wine/red bull/amp
  • leftover chips + 3 possible salsification routes
  • my apartment is as clean as when i moved in
  • my ass was put into gear so most unpacking/storing is complete
  • leftover alcohol. oh, what? i already…? oh.

pics to come, although there aren’t many as i was too busy to assault unsuspecting party goers with my camera as is my usual modus operandi.

ps: stef i hope you are not too traumatized by the huge creepy stuffed animals in the back yard. i hope this does not prevent you from visiting again. i am so sorry you had to see that, but now…you understand.