i finished ‘snow crash’ and it was, as expected, amazingly awesome. HOWEVER. the ending, in true neal stephenson fashion, totally sucked. completely unsatisfying. felt like the printers forgot to add in the last 3 chapters of the book. why neal?!? WHYYYYYYYYYY???

anyway, i have moved on to ‘the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy’ which you may or may not be shocked to find out i haven’t read before. so far i’m disappointed to find out that the earth has been needlessly destroyed. way to go vogons.

saturday night i am having a birthday party and housewarming. everybody is encouraged to make some sort of arty wall-hanging for my place, to be delivered any time in the near or distant future. we’ll see what people come up with!

in the mean time, yesterday was like the worst day ever, starting with being heckled by some rather rude guys in a van who were being totally idiotic assholes (the worst kind) and ending with me scraping my leg, catching my pinky toe on the couch-leg (still hurts like heck) and stubbing my toe (same foot) on the drawer of my new filing cabinet so hard that it bent/ripped back the top 1/3 of my toenail. it was a rough night.

on the bright side i finally got some stuff done around the apartment (with eric’s help), namely putting up a china ball and mounting my rear surround speakers and running wire around the ceiling. now that this stuff is done i can complete phase II, putting away all the junk related to those activities that i no longer need. ie: all of my tools, 10 containers of screws/nails/anchors/togglebolts, electronic wire stuff, lightbulbs. then i get to find a place to cram all of the stuff i won’t put up for awhile (shelves) so people won’t trip over it on saturday. then the cleaning. ick.

speaking of which, what the heck should i get for saturday?! i guess that’s going to get taken care of tomorrow during the day. food, drinks, blah blah blah. i know to get like beer and some gin and vodka and tonic and junk but what else do people want? argh. well i’ll tell you what they’re going to get: a whole lot of xbox is what. ben and i are teaming up our accessories so there shouldn’t be a dull moment. i hope. oh god, please let people not be bored.