tonight was supposed to be cross-rhodes then observatory, but due to uncooperative weather it became just cross-rhodes. it was ben and sara’s first time there. the food plus the paper football game times the MASH round where matt’s future profession is ‘trophy wife’ really made the night a lot of fun. afterwards we went to dominick’s to pick up ingredients for egg nog shakes. we went to ben and sara’s and played scene it, cecile’s early christmas present from matt. we split up girls vs. boys and the girls won both times (although we were neck and neck at the end of the second game). after that we watched some cable – fine offerings such as ‘dr. giggles’ and the escentuals show on qvc. oh – also ‘talk sex‘ on the oxygen network which was incredibly funny. for example, one caller basically wanted to know why men like breasts. uh…does that really rate a phone call? to a sex expert? i don’t think so. anyway, it was a really awesome night. hooray for friends. they rock.