eric: can you hear? [covers ear with hand]

kara: yes.

eric: can you hear? [presses harder]

kara: yes.

eric: can you hear the tv?

kara: yes. my other ear isn’t blocked.

eric: how about now? [sticks finger in ear]

kara: ew! gross! don’t stick your finger in my ear!

[struggle ensues]

kara: no! get away!

eric: what’s wrong? is my finger diseased now that it’s been in your ear?

[menaces with finger]

kara: no, but…ew! stop! don’t…touch…! unclean! unclean!!

eric: i washed it!

kara: what? your finger??

eric: my whole hand!…BOTH of them!

huh. this isn’t as funny written out. guess you had to be there. sorry. i’m lame.