saw the midnight screening of sin city last night in evanston. it was pretty cool – it looked amazing. i didn’t expect it to be a series of individual stories and i was surprised by how bizarrely violent it was, but it was good enough that i’d totally see it again. unfortunately the theatre’s air conditioning wasn’t on so it was a sauna by the time it was over. one thing about the movie that was sort of annoying was that a character would be introduced and then right away get killed. i mean come on! at least let me get to know him for a WHOLE FIVE MINUTES before you splatter him all over the screen. also annoying was that it actually made me not hate jessica alba. what was incredibly awesome? uh, the beginning! what a great introduction to the tone of the movie! also, the part where this guy gets shot by an arrow is really funny and, again, the look of the film in general. and, ok – to be totally girly here…clive owen was so hot. soooo hot. i would pay to watch him read the phone book.