so…idaho is passing a resolution to commend the hesses for making napoleon dynamite, as it has brought attention to idaho and it’s many positive aspects. seriously. i actually thought that it painted a sort of bleak picture of life in idaho – since i couldn’t for the life of me figure out in what year it was supposed to be set. at first i thought it was the early to mid-90s…when kip was talking about his internet girlfriend i was thrown off a bit but thought ‘hey, this guy seems pretty nerdy. maybe he’s just an early adopter.’ but once pedro’s cousins showed up in their low-rider i got confused and then became disturbed when i realized this must be happening closer to present-day.

no offense to idaho or idahoans or anything, just…is it really like that? i mean, i’m from a place where the high school is sandwiched between a cornfield and a beanfield and my house is in a township whose name is actually, i kid you not, ‘rural township’. there were days during the year when the farmboys would drive their tractors to high school and our school district started the school year on a certain date to make sure that we would still be on summer break when the rodeo occurred. i thought i had a pretty good gauge of isolated small-town culture. i guess there are still a lot of out-of-the-way/untouched places out there. which is sort of comforting, really when you think about it.

see full text here. they even use the phrase ‘freakin’ idiots’ in the official text!

[ via tyler, to whom i wish the sweetest and juiciest oranges]