yesterday maria and nicole came into town! they picked me up at work and then we went back to my place so they could settle in and shower. eric drove and we met up with lindsay, pat, jon and brian at the daily in lincoln square. we ate and had some blue moon…and many rounds of shots. after dinner we walked to the rail on damen and drank some more (more shots), played bar video games and took some great pictures of maria being obscene with the game/video machine.

we continued our bar crawl in wrigleyville. brian, pat and i got there first and as we were passing the cubby bear pat started freaking out because a nirvana cover band was playing there. he grabbed us both and INSISTED that we go inside. he even paid for our cover and bought us a round. the lead singer of the band really had the kurt cobain thing going on – he had longish stringy blond hair and a fuzzy shapeless cardigan and everything. everyone else showed up and after awhile we went down the block to a bar that had a little dance floor set up. same drill as before – more beer, more shots – but this time with dancing. these three guys were there – all roommates i guess – and one of them was a really good dancer. brian kept yelling ‘you got served!’ and ‘serve it up!’ over and over.

we closed that bar and then headed over to western to tais til 4. tais was really crowded, even when we left at about 3:30. pat drove maria, nicole and i home and i was in bed by 4am.

today i got the day off work, so we slept in until 11. mark drove over to pick us up and we went to a korean restaurant…called…’korean restaurant’…for lunch. the bulgogie and cucumber kim chee were sooo good. while we were eating adam called and we passed the phone around – his wife is having a baby in december!

after lunch mark took some pictures of us outside the restaurant and while he was lining up his shot some random guy came by and took a picture of us with his camera phone. sketchy much?

maria and nicole left about an hour and a half ago and i miss them already. lindsay and i are trying to plan a trip to st. louis sometime this summer and pat said he’d like to come too. i don’t see these guys nearly enough.

this weekend should be pretty low-key…pat invited me to a concert sunday afternoon but i think i’ll probably spend most of the time recharging. i haven’t seen a movie for awhile so maybe i can catch ‘cinderella man’ and see if it lives up to the reviews.

photos from wisconsin, last night, my mom’s retirement party and the office party are pending.