the thing about chicago is that one day it’s still 50° and windy then the next day it’s 90° and so humid you can’t tell if the sheen on your body is sweat or condensation.

i got up early this morning and went for a run and i was fine (creating my own breeze and all) until i stopped outside my door. the sun broke through the clouds and it felt like a spotlight was on me. within 2 minutes i was soaked in sweat.

i can tell you’re all so excited about this entry already.

anyway, this afternoon eric, pat, jess, lindsay and i went to the belmont sheffield music festival and saw mike & joe play for a crowd of sweaty, wasted yuppies. ok, they weren’t all yuppies. some of them were flaming gay and also eric smelled some hippies (patchouli!). lots of dogs, too – it was so hot i thought this bulldog was going to literally trip over its tongue.

the band was great and so was the street food (bbq chicken skewers). eric predicted that they would play at least one u2 song and he was right. actually i think they managed to play every single one of the ipod/itunes commercial songs. after they finished we went to sheffield’s and watched pat and lindsay play some pool. pat, jess and lindsay stuck around to eat some of the world’s largest polish sausages (pat’s assertion), eric went to mayfest in lincoln square with jon, cecile et al and i came back home so i could drift in and out of heat-induced unconsciousness while watching the simpsons and family guy.