random updates since i haven’t written in a week:

i saw ‘murderball‘ last night and it definitely lived up to my expectations. the guys they profiled were really interesting and they found a lot of good dramatic arcs to fill out the main story.

this past friday eric and i went to lombard to hang out with mark and that evening lindsay had a picnic in a park in lombard. pat and jess came too. lindsay made this really good hummus and had some veggies and cheese and chips. it was an exceptionally good picnic and it was good to see all of those guys.

this weekend eric’s sister and her family are coming down from minnesota. jim has a few games while they’re here so i get to see my first hockey game! there might be some museum and zoo trips too. next weekend is the workshop at hamilton. mark’s letting me borrow his digital slr so i can take some better photos of the museum and the town.