oh my sweet god, amidst all of the poster-making excitement here at work, i almost forgot to mention this – ‘serenity’ is opening this weekend. how excited am i? SO EXCITED. if i can hold off seeing the movie for long enough i’m going to try to rent (or, let’s face it, buy) the whole series so i can watch it before the movie.

other movies i want to see: ‘the prizewinner of defiance, ohio’, ‘a history of violence’ (did you guys see viggo on ‘the daily show’ the other night?), ‘thumbsucker’, ‘everything is illuminated’, ‘the greatest game ever played’ (i both despise shia labeouf and am strangely drawn to him) and ‘2046’. i saw ‘corpse bride’ last weekend and it was delightful! i am happy for fall, both because i love the season and because the movies always get better – more ‘serious’ – during the colder months. not, as you know, that i’m adverse to mindless popcorn fare – sex, explosions and gunfights. i mean, i am the proud owner of the criteron of ‘armageddon’.

update: ‘firefly’ – bought and half-watched. it’s even better than i remembered!