headline reads: Now even the CEO can edit the company Website!

kara: did you see that ad at the bottom left?

kara: the headline strikes fear into the heart of developers everywhere

kara: what developer is going to buy that?

kara: that is HORRIFYING.

eric: what ceo wants to edit the website anyway?

eric: don’t they have better things to do?

eric: like coke and whores?

kara: you’d think

kara: that’s what i’d be doing if i were a ceo

eric: i think i might actually get involved with the site

eric: but only out of a perverse desire to screw with developers

eric: just think how much trouble you could cause if you actually did know what you were doing

kara: ha

kara: what schemes would you concoct?

eric: hmmm

eric: i think just removing random close tags would keep people guessing

eric: transposing letters in php variables

eric: string -> srting – something like that would take a while to find.

kara: LOL

kara: that is SO MEAN

eric: i know. i’m just kidding

eric: anyway, it’s probably way more destructive when real ceos screw things up

eric: cause eventually i’d be able to tell people exactly what i did, but they’d have no clue what they’re doing.

kara: ah. they’d be like, uh….huh? you needed those dollar signs?

kara: or whatever

eric: yeah – i opened it in word to take a look and then when i saved it all the line breaks got weird!