welcome to Hyperbolation v4.0!

some basic housekeeping changes and of course, new graphics. if things look really messed up, then try emptying your browser cache and hitting ‘reload’ a few times. note that all AV Club content has been moved to the index page. I also finally wrote myself a CMS for the AV Club so I don’t have to cut and paste links anymore!

known issues:

  • flickr photostream badge does not display properly in some versions of Internet Explorer. i am pretty bummed about this, but not as bummed as i’d be if it didn’t display in a browser that actually behaved properly in general. if you can’t see the flash badge to the right under ‘photostream’, perhaps this would be a good time to…

    1. get the latest version of IE, or
    2. get Firefox
  • spacing is a little wacked out in Firefox, but nothing i can’t live with.
  • AV Club image headers do not center-align in PC IE 5.5
  • code and blockquote tags don’t work properly in Firefox, but i hear this is a Firefox issue that is to be addressed in the next upgrade or so.

if you notice anything else, please let me know. i’ll put a little bug reporter link in the av club section as well.