former roommates

kara: did you see the pic i posted – where jon and eric look like a couple

andrew: haha – no


andrew: haha – lovely – adam and steve

kara: ?

andrew: adam and eve, not adam and steve!

kara: OHHHH

andrew: they really look quite charming

kara: yes – i wish it had been more in focus – but it was cold out there

andrew: yeah – camera softness = subject softness 🙂

kara: they just seem really happy to be…touching…each other

andrew: yeah – i mean, look at those hands

kara: clutching!

andrew: tenderly

kara: you almost sense that just before this they were…kissing

andrew: or found out jon was pregnant

kara: LOL – YES

andrew: and the nesting begins!!

see more pics of the party via eric’s flickr page.