update: i see the meme is growing.

from jessica at insurgent muse, a random website i read every day. i don’t know her at all and i don’t actually remember how i first came to her site either. oh well.

please keep in mind that i:

  • am notoriously indecisive
  • was a film major and thus have about 15,000 ‘favorite movies’
  • watch approximately 6 hours of tv a day, own a tivo AND am a faithful bit-torrenter
  • work as a web programmer and am a nerd – thus i read about 30 websites every day and have about 10-20 others that i read on-and-off

you have been warned.

four jobs i’ve had in my life:

  1. data entry
  2. film/video equipment manager (cage monkey/guru for you rtvf-ers)
  3. video editorial/post-production
  4. web application programming

four movies i can watch over and over:

  1. clue
  2. tommy boy
  3. armageddon
  4. the big lebowski

four places i have lived:

  1. quad cities, il
  2. evanston, il
  3. chicago, il
  4. skip ahead to august and i can add london

four tv shows i love to watch:

  1. house
  2. lost futurama
  3. grey’s anatomy
  4. numbers

four places i’ve been on vacation:

  1. honshu, japan
  2. amsterdam, netherlands
  3. madrid, spain
  4. glacier nat’l park, montana/int’l peace park: waterton, canada

four websites i visit daily:

  1. achewood
  2. wil wheaton’s site (normally wilwheaton.net)
  3. dooce
  4. engadget

four of my favorite foods:

  1. grandma’s coconut cream pie
  2. gyoza
  3. english-style meat pies panang curry
  4. frozen beef taquitos from trader joe’s

four places i would rather be right now:

  1. oakland, ca
  2. milan, il
  3. los angeles, ca
  4. [insert name of tropical island here]

four bloggers i am tagging:

looking forward to your responses!

  1. eric (check!)
  2. meghan (check!)
  3. tyler (check!)
  4. erin (check!)