i’m in the midst of what will heretofore be known as ‘The Hormone Debacle’ – i, like all sane women, hate having my period. HATE. so i thought i’d try one of those birth control pills that lets you have only have 4 periods a year. sounded like a super idea! less gross bleeding from my nether regions, plus improved skin and no cramps! hooray!

hold on there – don’t start celebrating yet. unfortunately my body decided that this was not going to happen. ‘unacceptable!’ by ovaries cried. instead of the improvements listed above, what i got was the. exact. opposite. so, my doctor switched me to another type of pill in the hope that i would play nice with a different hormone cocktail. no results either way for now.

BUT, as my hormones wildly fluctuate – trying to adjust to a new pill and, this past week, no pill at all – what i have noticed is…i’m turning into (*gasp*) a girl. observe:

now, i’ve always been easily manipulated by movies and tv. anyone can tell you this. i mean, i want to be manipulated – if i’m not emotionally invested in some way, what’s the point of seeing the movie/show in the first place? i really get into what i’m watching and am easily moved by situations involving Estranged Father-Son Relationship, Underdog Athlete(s), Self-Sacrifice For Loved One, etc. but usually, welling up with tears or actual crying happens rarely. lately? ha! i cry at least once for every hour of media i watch.

dr. macy realizes he has a drinking problem? i’m crying. mr. eko shoots a man to keep his young brother from having to do so? reaching for the tissues. pollack realizes jordan doesn’t love him? clutching parsnip as if my life depended on it. jordan realizes that even though she tried to make it work she’s completely unable to have a meaningful relationship? i’m inconsolable. and it gets worse – i get all teary on THE BUS just by reading a vaguely sad part of a book or a memory. wtf?!

then there’s the food. i’ve never been a chocolate person. i would go as far as to say that i don’t care for it all that much. i’ve never eaten a lot of sweets, even when i was little. but now, i want cookies and candy ALL THE FREAKING TIME. i can’t get enough of it. i bought a BAG of m&m’s the other day. i mean, what’s next? going all mushy over bridal magazines? or, god forbid…CHILDREN?!? what is happening to me??? i’d better be back to normal soon dammit, or i’m going to have to read a copy of the state of the union or something to reclaim my bitterness and apathy.