this weekend my mom was in town to drop my cousin off at the airport. after i got a haircut she picked me up and we ate at costello’s and saw ‘ice age: the meltdown’ at the davis theater. we spent the rest of the night vegging on the couch watching the food network while i texted and IMed people, most of which were at the good night, tv! product photo shoot (which went very well and the photos are ├╝ber-hip).

sunday (post-daylight-savings-time-change) we got up early and went to the southport bakery & cafe for breakfast. after that i picked up a few things at osco and then we drove out towards oak park to see my cousins. my aunt was visiting lisa and brad for the weekend so she was there too. kjirsten (almost 3) had set up a tea party for us, which was totally adorable. once harry (almost 7 months) woke up from his nap my mom held him and played with him for awhile…during which he proved that either a) he was ravenous or b) he was ravenous for boobs, because he kept grabbing the collar of my mom’s shirt and looking down it while his eyes practically bulged out of the sockets. this started out cute – you know, the first 10 times he did it – but soon i started to get a little creeped out a little. this kid is clearly going to be a boob man. we ate a really nice lunch there then mom drove me back into the city. we parted ways and she made it home just before the storm hit the quad cities.

i went to firebelly and once charlie got there we/he/whatever cleaned up what was leftover from the photo shoot. we picked up travis and drove up and down chicago ave. getting gift certificates from some really cool restaurants – japonais and green zebra.

we had a lot of time to kill before the sopranos started at 8, so we went to the loop and drove lower wacker again then took lake shore drive up to evanston. i showed charlie and travis around northwestern’s campus and took them out on the lakefill. we walked around on the big cement blocks – a nice length of it actually, because charlie saw a block with some writing on it he wanted to check out but when he got there i guess it was sort of a let-down because all he said was, “…oh, it’s just some stupid poetry.” after travis and i finished laughing our asses off we walked back to the car and went to cross-rhodes for dinner. oh delicious greek fries! it was awesome and we all ate until we were stuffed.

at this point it was time to head to antonio and patrese and charlie’s apartment for the sopranos. travis brought popcorn and we watched a really good episode while the thunderstorm started outside.

post-sopranos we watched ali g then charlie drove me home and i would like to make special note here that he gave up a really good parking space to drive me home (i appreciate it. i appreciate it a lot. i owe you. k?) in the rain. and then he had to park a few blocks away and walk there in the rain this morning. which antonio was not pleased about. so i appreciate it even more.

anyway, it was cool to see the apartment finally – antonio and patrese have a really nice place – like, it’s got stuff on the walls and is organized and designed and stuff, you know, like a real adult apartment. unlike mine which i’ve lived in for almost 2 years and have basically done nothing to make it my own space. but i suppose this is a matter of personality, because once i was surround-sound- and broadband-enabled it was pretty much home.