yesterday jon and andrew threw an impromptu cookout for trevor, who is in town for a few days. the weather was beautiful and the lamb burgers were fantastic. so were the brats. and the veal brats. and the spicy italian sausage. and the steak. and the veggie burgers. and the hummus. and the potato salad. and the pbr. and the stella. and the guinness. and the pudding pops.

i didn’t consume all of those things, but what i had was delicious. a lot of people showed up – probably about 15 or so. by the end of the night (it went till about 11) all of the girls were inside the coach house talking about weddings apparently, while all of the boys (and me – as always) were on the deck listening to jon’s cosby impression, talking about the x-rays mike has seen of odd objects that patients um, fell on (riiiiight) and plotting to kidnap and hold hostage a roomba.