eric: i like wil wheatons thing about the disposable mp3 player. that sounds good

kara: ?

eric: that is like what i’ve been saying there should be for YEARS now.


eric: they also should make disposable cell phones, for if you lose or misplace yours.

eric: walk into walgreens, buy a disposable phone, punch in your account number and you are set!

eric: or i dunno, maybe you have to call cust service to verify identity.

eric: probably can’t have that tho cause it would help the terrorists or something

kara: right

eric: all with their improvised explosive devices and what not

kara: right

eric: and their hippety-hop music

kara: well seriously, i mean aren’t just regular watches and clocks helping terrorists?

kara: providing them with a cheap and easy way to buy timing devices?

eric: you know what else? freedom!

kara: time should be outlawed! chronology hates freedom!

eric: when time is outlawed, only outlaws will be on time