the most exciting weekend for lunches ever!

saturday: hot doug’s

there were nine of us at hot doug’s: cecile, jon, kat, trent, andrew, matt, mike, asli and me. we got in line shortly after 1pm and managed to get a big enough table(s) so we could all sit together. i had the apple and chardonnay marinated chicken sausage with sweet curry mustard and blue cheese. other people had the elk or rattlesnake sausages. we had one order of tots and two orders of fries (one regular, one duck fat) and two sides of cheese sauce. because it was a holiday weekend everyone got free easter cookies with their order.

sunday: three happiness

easter morning we met in chinatown at three happiness for dim sum. it was fantastic. another good group: cecile, stef, matt, mike, asli and me. after we had stuffed ourselves with dumplings and noodles and cucumber and shu mai and mango custard (or whatever that was that was orange and opaque and wiggly and delicious) we went to the chinese bakery and bought some red bean paste filled sesame buns – my favorite!