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saturday jon threw a bbq so i spent the whole day/night over there. we had delicious grilled meats, cold beer and lots of cornhole. i started out really terrible at cornhole but in the grudge match of the filipinos -vs- non-filipinos (jon & cecile -vs- devin and me) my team won best 2/3! i don’t know what happened but at some point i got the force and arc just right and was sinking beanbags one after another. all kinds of bizarre subjects of conversation were bandied about – gang wars, public acts of violence, the merits of ds9 -vs- tng, how lame it is that i’m still not caught up with battlestar galactica, and randomly i met a guy (whom i’d seen at these parties before but never talked to) for whose band firebelly did the cd insert design. crazy! small world i guess.

sunday i went sunglasses shopping with ozzie. no luck, but to be honest i could’ve seen something perfect and i wouldn’t have recognized it. it was like 90° and pretty humid and we went to old orchard which is an outdoor mall. it was like the surface of the sun out there and all i could think about was how much i wanted to lie in front of a fan and concentrate on minimizing body movement.

last night i saw the howe gelb show at the old town school of folk music and i have to think about this a little more seriously, but i think it was the best show i’ve ever seen. i wasn’t too sure about him after listening to a few of his tracks beforehand, but performing live this guy kills. he had a gospel choir with him and some insanely good musicians playing with him. it was the single most energetic and uplifting and toe-tapping concert i’ve ever experienced. plus, the venue is smaller and very intimate and andrew got us seats in the front row of tables shoved right up against the stage. the opener, angela desveaux was also good – she said she’d been doing nothing in chicago but playing guitar hero! her bass player was born in chicago and his aunt and uncle came to the show – they were sitting at the table next to me and once their set was over he sat with them to watch howe. he was totally rocking out – i think we all were in the front row. i wonder if anyone else there was as excited as we were…i mean, probably. it was a barn burner!

today was less exciting, but not because of the company – because of getting to the company. lindsay put on another lovely picnic out in lombard and ian was in town so i met up with him too. unfortunately these meetings were in suburbs nowhere near each other so i ended up kiling about 5 hours on the metra, el or bus to spend 1.5 hours with lindsay and 5 mintues with ian (construction at howard meant i was stuck on the platform for-freaking-ever) before he had to leave for the airport. i’m glad i saw him and went to the picnic though – it would’ve been even better if the weather had cooperated and not thunderstormed most of the afternoon!

on the docket for tonight: laundry (oh boy!), tivo and trying not to get heat stroke in my un-air conditioned apartment.

saw x-men 3 tonight with nako and jyl – it was great! i suspect that brett ratner is responsible for the added schmaltz, but the action was fantastic and overall the story was pretty good. lots of fighting and different mutant powers. you get to hear the juggernaut utter his famous line and see some scantily clad famke janssen and hugh jackman (together but not “together”. or whatever.). nako liked it so much she wants to see it again! stay after the credits for the extra scene!

as for reality violence as opposed to the comic-book fantasy kind…did i mention that aaron and i heard and saw the aftermath of a guy getting shot in a drive-by today at work? yeah. good times. the idiot gang bangers drove by two more times though, which gave me all the opportunity i needed to get their plates. i’m pretty sure they were apprehended (police cars speeding away fairly soon after aaron called in the plates) and the victim looked ok after the police/ambulance/fire dept. showed up. before that he was wisely playing dead/knocked unconscious and lying face-down in the gutter. i think he only got shot in the arm. after this aaron kindly drove me to the el.

via IM:

me: dude. let’s play some tomato tennis

travis: hahahhaha – that’s basically like making ketchup on people’s faces!

me: all the more reason to do it!

today i spent an obscene or nearly-obscene amount of money on new furniture. between this and the last month of clothes shopping (all of this is stuff i’ve been putting off getting for far too long) i’m really dreading seeing my credit card bill this month. mostly from ikea, i bought a whole new bedroom set (not that what i had before would in any circle qualify as a ‘set’), three bookshelves, a kitchen island, various kitchen wares, a pillow, hangars and other assorted miscellany.

i’ve just finished putting together one of my new dressers (i would assemble the other one as well, but i don’t want my upstairs neighbor to hate me any more than he already does) and transfering clothes from my old dresser. i’m most excited about having a real bed frame/headboard – a luxury i haven’t experienced since college. and any time a ‘luxury’ was last experienced in college, you know something is horribly horribly wrong.

next step: um…well, assemble everything and reorganize (my anal-ness is so excited by this). but then AFTER that, new (smaller) couch, rearranging living room and getting a piano.

A couple of my friends started a clothing company – Good Night, TV! – last year and this month we launched the website so now you can browse and buy online!

All of their awesome shirts are printed with soy-based inks on sweatshop-free stock (american apparel).

Catch Good Night, TV! this summer at the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn, NY or this fall at Renegade in Wicker Park.

horchata cupcakes

i just made these horchata cupcakes and holy fucking good goddamn are they GOOD. i took a bite and almost passed out. hopefully my coworkers will find them just as heavenly tomorrow and our big art-day-slash-cinco-de-mayo festival will be glorious. there will be super-nachos and margaritas. mmm. but these cupcakes! oh the cupcakes. pardon me, but i have to be alone with my cupcakes.

note to self: use more functions when writing applications. why have i been retyping the same database queries over and over? i was all over functions, or components, or whatever, in coldfusion so why didn’t that knowledge transfer over to php? i feel dumb.

also, maybe two people – tops – who read this will have any idea what any of this means.