today i spent an obscene or nearly-obscene amount of money on new furniture. between this and the last month of clothes shopping (all of this is stuff i’ve been putting off getting for far too long) i’m really dreading seeing my credit card bill this month. mostly from ikea, i bought a whole new bedroom set (not that what i had before would in any circle qualify as a ‘set’), three bookshelves, a kitchen island, various kitchen wares, a pillow, hangars and other assorted miscellany.

i’ve just finished putting together one of my new dressers (i would assemble the other one as well, but i don’t want my upstairs neighbor to hate me any more than he already does) and transfering clothes from my old dresser. i’m most excited about having a real bed frame/headboard – a luxury i haven’t experienced since college. and any time a ‘luxury’ was last experienced in college, you know something is horribly horribly wrong.

next step: um…well, assemble everything and reorganize (my anal-ness is so excited by this). but then AFTER that, new (smaller) couch, rearranging living room and getting a piano.