at eric’s behest i got signed up for awhile ago. it’s neat – i can see what i’ve been listening to – top artists by week and everything, so that’s cool. but the ‘neighbors’ function, which seems like the whole point since that is the social networking part of it, isn’t working for me. neighbors are supposed to be people with similar music tastes. you look at their music and maybe you see some stuff you haven’t heard of that you’ll like also.


i think my diverse musical tastes are screwing with this. for instance, today i’ve been listening to beatnuts, the streets, the pharcyde and rjd2. other days i’ll listen to josh rouse, ben folds, death cab and the high speed scene. if i’m alone at work i’ll listen to something girly like nikka costa or anna nalick. sometimes i’ll go sort of obscure and listen to some songs:ohia or my friend ryan. or, i’ll ‘rock’ some blockhead, boom bip and telefon tel aviv. suffice to say, doesn’t know what to do with me.