this weekend i was pretty much only home to sleep – i’ll have to catch up tonight 🙂

friday charlie and i saw the fast and the furious 3: tokyo drift (which apparently was given three stars by roger ebert) which was incredibly entertaining. the first reveal of these two cars drifting side by side was AWESOME. afterwards we blew half a tank of gas – premium gas; we drove down lake shore drive and shot lower wacker drive three or four times. i really need to get a car.

saturday was the first day of the intonation music festival. i met cecile at her place and we went over together. jim boggs (in town for a visit before he moves to london next month) showed up a few hours later and we spent the whole day lying in the sun listening to good music. saw brian cagle, who had AD-ed on galileo’s grave, zach and a whole slew of cecile’s friends. lady sovereign and the streets played that night and while the performances weren’t outstanding, it was still a lot of fun. after the show we walked to tuman’s and met up with andrew, christine and jim’s old flatmate, angelo. we drank, danced, i ran into patrese, got hit on by a dj and hit the pillow sometime after 3am.

sunday morning i had organized a galileo’s grave reunion lunch – some of us met at three happiness in chinatown for dim sum. it was fantastic and a good assortment of people were able to make it. as we were finishing though, i realized i had forgotton my ticket to intonation at home. i spent the next two and a half hours on trains and buses criss-crossing the city. not. fun. when i got to my apartment i was incredibly bored with public transportation so i wanted to grab my ipod too…d’oh! left that at work. i dug out my cd player instead, hoped it still worked (it did, but has no shock protection) and was on my way.

i ended up getting to intonation in the middle of annie’s set. i found cecile, jim and angelo and we hung out the rest of the day eating various fried foods and drinking 312s. the guy giving out the over-21 bracelets was bizarrely entertained by the size of my wrist. saw more zach and more of cecile’s friends – this girl knows everyone. sunday night bloc party was the headliner, and i have never seen so many enraptured hipster boys. they put on a really good show (bloc party put on the good show. well, i guess the panting hipster boys put on a good show too, but replace the word ‘good’ with ‘amusing, though mildly pathetic’). it rained a little during bloc party, but it was ok because it made everyone feel more hard-core. go ahead, laugh. but you know EXACTLY what i mean.

afterwards cecile and i were both tired and had to get up for work the next day so we headed home. waiting for the western bus this guy (also named angelo) started up a conversation with us – he had obviously underestimated our ages because he kept asking where we went to school. he kept talking all the way up past belmont where he exited – topics of conversation included: how he could get me a job in catering ($12/hour!), confusion about cecile’s origins (“you’re canadian? but…you look asian”), anime and underground hip hop, which he apparently is really into. he’s putting an album together as a producer and is looking for some people who can “lay down rhymes”.

ok seriously – i spent the whole bus ride trying not to laugh and the whole conversation seemed like it was really making the day of every other bus patron – but this guy was really nice and i seriously hope his album is super awesome and he makes it big. it was a pretty good cap to the weekend though. after angelo left the bus i put in the streets and listened to that all the way home – which took about another 40 minutes due to bus schedules at that time of night.

this weekend is the 4th of july weekend…and i don’t know what to do. seems like there will be things going on here (maybe?) but my brother is in town back home and my family really wants me to come home for the whole time so everyone can be together, etc. maybe i’ll just go for two days or something? i don’t know if we get monday off work or not and i have a haircut friday evening, so who knows.