eric: the golden age of syphilis!

eric: whoa i like 7/20

eric: it looks like a franz ferdinand album

eric: that’s what they should call their 3rd album

eric: Syphilis!

kara: as old as creation!

kara: lol

eric: 20/20 is great too

kara: 13,000 between 11 and 15?!?

kara: wtf?

eric: “The Great Crippler” would be a fantastic album title

kara: what does syphilis do exactly

kara: i don’t even know

eric: well i read in vice magazine one time that either syphilis or gonareaha (sp?) is basically the same as a UTI

eric: forget which one

kara: ew

eric: but isn’t syphilis the one that makes you crazy later

kara: hm i think ‘the clap’ is the one that causes burning urination

eric: like on House?

kara: but i don’t know which one is the clap

kara: yeah, syphilis makes you crazy

eric: ok, and i think “the clap” is another name for gonnareah?

kara: like in the baroque cycle

kara: is it?

eric: good then, that’s sorted

kara: LOL this is the best conversation ever

eric: hehe


eric: incidentally, how come there is not a band called “The Clap”

eric: it would work so well with all those other “The Something” band names

kara: LOL

kara: your band should be ‘the clap’

eric: maybe make it harder to get groupies to have sex with you tho

update: ok get this – there actually is a band called ‘the clap‘. sorry eric. you’ll have to find a different name for your band.