charlie’s brother, chris, was in town so we did a lot of fun stuff:

  • portillo’s – chicago red hots and italian beefs
  • border’s – hour until movie starts
  • miami vice‘ – most satisfying deaths ever
  • michigan ave. at night
  • dick’s sporting goods – buy swimsuits, encounter employees unhappy with their jobs
  • jimmy john’s
  • beach – swim, sunbathe, fly kites, i watch chris and charlie throw a football at each others’ crotches, the lifeguards tell us that basically, fun is not allowed in the water
  • showers and blessed blessed air conditioning
  • la pasadita for carne asada burritos
  • travis’s – margaritas, bond with kareem re: macgyver is kickass, watch ‘unbreakable’
  • tuman’s – meet up with puma crowd, drinking, dancing