yikes, it’s been quite awhile since i’ve written anything! possible activities for the coming months (if i write it here then i _have_ to do it right?):

  • bicycling
  • self-defense class w/cecile
  • archery!
  • spelunking
  • battlestar galactica fridays
  • sufjan stevens concert (sept. 26 – i have an extra ticket if you want to come)
  • stefapalooza/labrequefest/engagement extravaganza in morris, il
  • canadian thanksgiving
  • galileo’s grave premier

this past weekend i flew to LA to visit meghan and do some nerd things with pat. the trip was super! saw a lot of people, picked up some cds and comic books, saw two movies in two great theatres (‘snakes on a plane’ at mann’s chinese theatre and ‘idlewild’ at the arclight dome) and drank some margaritas. also got to eat at baja fresh, in-n-out burger, this great restaurant around the corner from meghan & josh’s apartment called marmalade cafĂ©, and delicious tacos at tito’s. no mishaps during the weekend – there was a small accident involving strawberry margarita and an uncovered blender and a raging wildfire up north, but nothing that cast a pall over the trip. i saw a bunch of people i hadn’t seen in awhile and was reminded yet again of how great it would be to live in LA, if for no other reason than my best friend and some of the people i spent a lot of time with in college live out there. *sigh* someday guys, someday.