after much deliberation, i decided to buy a car. i looked online on and off for a few months and this past week i finally got serious about it. on friday i bought a 1999 civic ex. it’s a two-door, it’s black and it was insanely cheap for a car that seems to be in incredibly good condition.

after many years of putting it off, i decided to buy (and finally learn to ride) a bike. today after work mark and i went to target and i bought a little purple magna. oh man is it purple. oh man is it little. mark standing next to the bike (in his suit no less, having gone to a client meeting today) was prime photo material and i was so amused that i completely forgot to take a picture.

both the car and bike are ripe for naming. i don’t have any ideas for the car yet, but i’m thinking for the bike maybe like ‘bikey’ (which is the name of one of julia wertz‘s bikes) or ‘squatty’ since it’s pretty ridiculously small. mark asked a guy at the bike shop we went to first if maybe we should try getting me a kids’ bike instead of a full-size and he was like, ‘uh. no.’ so instead i’ve got the smallest “full-size” bike made, basically.

if you have bike or car name recommendations, please leave your ideas in the comments. the more ridiculous/inane/raunchy the better.

p.s. – yes, i don’t know how to ride a bike. …YET!!!